School Teacher Fired For Allowing Kids To Stage 'Legally Blonde," Musical

By O'Jay Burgess | Dec 19, 2012 05:05 PM EST

A teacher lost her job in Ohio for allowing her students to stage a rendition of the musical "Legally Blonde," according to the Los Angeles Times.

A high school production in Ohio of "Legally Blonde," was deemed by administrators to be inappropriate for its audiences, resulting in the apparent dismissal of a drama teacher.

According to The Times, a report from station WLWT in Cincinnati said that Sonja Hansen, a drama teacher at Loveland High School, was forced to resign following the staging of the musical show. Hansen told the station that she was asked to resign or she would be fired.

"Legally Blonde," the musical is based on the movie starring Reese Witherspoon. The musical opened on Broadway 2007 and has since been widely produced in local theaters around the country and abroad.

"High schools are doing the show; community theaters are doing the show," Hansen told the station. She said that "there are no bad words in the music" for the production.

According to The Times, Hansen had got the green light from the school and also said that rehearsals were open and she didn't hear anyone complain then.

It's unclear what parts of the production was seen as offensive by school administrators and its noted that the movie was rated PG-13 while the play that was released in 2007 was appropriate for all audiences.

There is no word if Hansen will take legal action against her dismissal from her job.

A similar situation occurred at Corona del Mar High School in Orange County, the students there were trying to pull off a staging of "Rent," that sparked national controversy when the school halted production. 

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