John Cage's Unique Silent Composition '4'33"' Gets an Auto-Tuned Rendition that Would Make Aphex Twin Jealous

By Ian Holubiak | Dec 23, 2014 04:52 PM EST

There is a never-ending interest in John Cage and his silent composition 4'33". So while the composer may have coined an iPhone app for the piece, thus a new "Auto-Tuned" version of the composition has surfaced on the Internet.

Via Disinformation, the new piece has an Auto-Tuned surface, taking the environmental sounds essential to the piece's performance to a whole new level. Aphex Twin probably would have a ball with the idea.

As C-lite has previously said, the "silence" of the piece does not contend with the rests and caesuras from the likes of Bach, Beethoven or even the Wandelweiser Group.

Instead, however, it is the space and lack of notes itself that provides the "music." You can be certain that Cage won't let you down even with a piece that contains no musical notation.

And if that is not enough, a Twitter handle shows exactly what it is like to listen to Cage. The 4'33" Twitter account gives a vast insight.

Coughs, sneezes, closing of doors, wind, underground disruption and then some are all part of the soundtrack to the musical landscape of the piece.

Do not worry if you have a hard time finding the center of the composition. Give it a few more listens, but for those who have ventured into the space before, here is the Auto-Tuned version of the silent work — it is rather eerie.

Give it a listen below:

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