The Last of the Delta Blues: Photographer Lou Bopp Captures the Last of a Dying Breed in Mississippi

By Ian Holubiak | Jan 20, 2015 10:00 PM EST

When traveling to the Mississippi Delta to find blues musicians, photographer Lou Bopp didn't realize the kind of characters he'd find. While some wont venture too far into the boondocks, Bopp found some of the last musicians still classified as Mississippi Delta Blues -- and he even took some pictures.

Per The Huffington Post, Bopp said of the remnant musicians of a nearly-forgotten time: "As a photographer and part of my overall DNA, I wanted to go where most do not, could not, nor dare not venture."

He continued: "Their stories seem embedded in their skin, scent, hands, stares; they are draped in history."

While some of the musicians represent a time in music history that has come and gone, there are a few that still continue the American tradition. Some may not have been as successful as the pioneers (B.B. King, Muddy Waters and so on) but they have shared the stage and room with them.

Some might be old and some might still be maintaining their youth, but the pictures capture a different kind of story, one of callousness and age-old experience.

So make your way over to the Post and check out a preview of the pictures. Prints are available for purchase online here.

Until then, feel the blues below.

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