Lindsay Lohan Arrested For Assaulting Woman at NYC Nightclub, Faces Possible Jail Time

By O'Jay Burgess | Nov 29, 2012 12:36 PM EST

Troubled actress Lindsay Lohan was arrested in the wee hours of this morning after a nightclub altercation in New York City.

Lohan was arrested around 4 a.m. Thursday outside Chelsea's Avenue nightclub for allegedly striking a female patron according to

The reason for the bust up between the two is unknown but TMZ reports say Lohan and the victim identified as 28-year old Tiffany Eve Mitchell of West Palm Beach, Florida were seated in adjacent booths and had exchanged words prior to the assault. After the argument Lohan asked the woman to "give me space" and TMZ says "some time passed" before Lindsay suddenly punched the Mitchell in her face "for some reason."

Lohan's alleged attack caused "bruising and swelling," to Mitchell's face. A man who identified himself as Mitchell's husband later told reporters "Lindsay Lohan got drunk and went crazy [and] hit my wife."

MTV said Lohan was being held at the 10th precinct and the NYPD spokesperson said she was likely to be issued a desk appearance ticket that would require her to return to face the charges at a later date.

This latest spat could mean real trouble for Lohan, the star of "Liz & Dick" remains under informal probation for that business at the jewelry store last year.

Lohan was again arrested in September, this time at another Manhattan club. A pedestrian claimed that the actress struck him with her vehicle but prosecutors didn't pursue the case.  

Later that month another incident saw Lohan at the center of a hotel room scuffle over some cell phone pictures snapped by a part-time congressional aide, Christian LaBella. In that incident, Lohan claimed LaBella assaulted her, leading to his arrest; misdemeanor charges against him were later dropped.

Lindsay Lohan leaving 10th Precinct

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