Xbox 720 Release Date Rumored To Be Holiday Season 2013, Price Unkown

By O'Jay Burgess | Nov 30, 2012 10:12 PM EST

The Xbox 360 reportedly sold more than the newly released Nintendo hardware the Wii U this according to and now there are rumors swirling around that Microsoft are set to unveil latest gaming console for Christmas of 2013.

The next Microsoft game could be on its way by the end of 2013 which would make it the second next gen console on the market after the Wii U.

Sources close to the project claim that the Xbox 720 is set for a Christmas time release this according to and the system could be unveiled at the latest E3 show in June or at a separate event specifically geared toward the console, one of the sources said.

The person(s) providing the information to Bloomberg to not want to be revealed since the information is reportedly based on a confidential Microsoft road map this according to

Rumored features that the new Xbox could be packed with includes Kinect 2.0, a Blu-ray drive, an enhanced controller, and an A/V port for watching and recording broadcast TV shows just to name a few.

Microsoft's main rival Sony is still catch up in terms of sales. Sony's Playstation 3 reached a milestone with 70 million units sold worldwide, according to the Examiner. 

The Sony PS3 trails Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360 in global sales. Sony released lifetime sales figures for its console recently showing they and Xbox are extremely close in terms of sales for this current crop of consoles.

The PS3 and PS Vita are currently on the market for the Japanese company and they are rumored to be in production of the PS4, a console that's been given the codename "Orbis".

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