Pespi-Chicken Potato Chips Launched In China

By O'Jay Burgess | Dec 13, 2012 03:52 PM EST

PepsiCo. has now launched a cola and chicken flavored potato chip in China according to the Huffington Post.

PepsiCo. who own both Pepsi and Frito-Lay decided to merge both the snack and the beverage sector of its company to come up with the fascinating chip flavor of Pepsi-chicken.

The snack was launched in August of this year in China. according to the Post, Pepsi Cohas was tried lemon tea, cucumber and hot-and-sour fish soup.

Reaction to the new chip flavor however has been mixed in China and a host of reviews about the oddly combined chip flavor are popping up on Chinese based websites like Weibo.

These types of flavors may sound unique to Americans, but in China and other parts of Asia, fusions like this are fairly common.

The Post reported that in China Cola chicken is very popular. Cola is mixed with soy sauce and spices in a marinade that caramelizes when sauteed.     

Food manufactures have done some pretty odd things in the past to get buyers attention recently American fast food giant Pizza Hut decided to launched a limited edition perfume that smelt like pizza dough with spice in it.  

Burger King in a similar ploy came out with a fragrance entitled the "Burger King Flame" and pushed the scent as a "sexy," product.

Burger King's scent was suppose to smell like flame grilled meat and to market the aroma the company ran an advert that opens with a romantic  scene that hasD the BK mascot with a cougar pelt accompanied by a young lady.

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