Mayan Apocalypse: China Arrests Hundreds For Spreading Doomsday Rumors (VIDEO)

By O'Jay Burgess on Dec 18, 2012 12:56 PM EST

Authorities in China have made hundreds of arrests because some citizens are spreading rumors that an apocalypse is scheduled for Friday.

The Asian state has began to crackdown on rumors started by the Christian group known as Almighty God or Eastern Lightning by arresting members of the organization.

The group is preaching that the world will end on Dec. 21., a popular rumor that states the end of the Mayan calendar on this date will see the world face Armageddon.

The group, according to state run China Central Television, believes the world will be plunged into darkness starting on Dec. 21 a sign that will usher in the destruction of the planet.

According to the Huffington Post, Chinese police arrested 500 people, 400 alone in the province of Qinghai and the government has labeled the group as a cult.

Media in China said the police seized leaflets, video discs, books and other apocalyptic materials in the recent arrests.

The fear of the "end," has gripped certain parts of China and some are blaming Hollywood for the panic in the eastern state. Reports suggest that the apocalyptic film "2012," has had an impact on some people there and has manifested fears in the nation.

Before news broke about the Almighty God group arrests people in China were stocking up on flash lights and candles.

The Asian nation isn't the only country dealing with fear-gripped citizens, across the border in Russia, reported that towns around the Russia are selling doomsday survival kits with vodka included as well as tours to heaven or hell.

In the homeland of the Mayans in Central America, Mexico has seen a boom in tourism with the nation staging numerous Mayan-themed events to capitalize on the moment.

Mayan Leader on Mayan Calendar

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