‘Today’ Show Matt Lauer Makes ‘Notebook’ Rachel McAdams Cry; 'GMA' Robin Roberts and Michael Sam Talk Coming Out [VIDEO]

By Shane Jordan on Jul 24, 2014 10:35 PM EDT

Apparently it wasn't enough for Sochi Olympic usurper Matt Lauer to torture Ann Curry when she was on the Today show, but the sick so-and-so felt the need to bring the Notebook's breakout actress Rachel McAdams to tears, as well. The early morning show sadist literally made the Instagram beauty cry when he surprised McAdams with her audition tape opposite her former boyfriend/costar, Ryan Gosling, from a decade ago. In related news, gay Good Morning America cohost Robin Roberts sat down with the NFL's first openly gay player, Michael Sam, for an interview wherein the young man recalls having second thought about his coming out.

What can be said about Matt Lauer that hasn't already been drunkenly shouted into a toothless prostitutes face outside of a Kansas City bus stop at two o'clock in the morning?

After supposedly having Ann Curry fired from the Today show merely because he didn't like the just of her jib, Lauer apparently feels it is his duty to put the fairer sex back into the place or some sort of perverse crap like that.

The way Movie Fone makes it sound the soulless Lauer gleefully delighted in his uncanny ability to make women weep in settings they didn't even previously feel it was possible:

"McAdams, who had stopped by to promote her new thriller A Most Wanted Man, was caught off guard when a conversation with host Matt Lauer unexpectedly turned to her audition for the Nicholas Sparks weeper, the footage of which recently landed online.

"Lauer asked McAdams if it was strange to watch her younger self, and when the actress admitted she hadn't seen the tape--'It would be weird,' she said--Lauer all too gleefully rolled the footage.

"'Why are you cringing?' asked an incredulous Lauer, who apparently didn't realize that making an actress watch raw footage from a decade ago--acting opposite a former boyfriend, no less--might be uncomfortable."

In stark contrast, not only did Good Morning America's always classy cohost Robin Roberts keep Michael Sam from hating himself during their interview, she actually seemed to have Sam inspiring himself (via Passport Magazine):

"I was like, 'Maybe I shouldn't have done what I did.' You know? I had so many emotions going in my head.

"And then I felt a touch over my shoulder and it was Vito, and I was just, I was like, 'I don't care what happens...I know I did the right thing in my heart. And whatever happens, happens. I'm just going to move forward.'" the Today show has got to stop Matt Lauer from talking to people because he just isn't any good at it.

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