Selena Gomez Dating After Being Pregnant with Justin Bieber Baby, Plastic Surgery Boob Job? [RUMORS]

By Jonathan Lambert on Jul 27, 2014 05:05 PM EDT

It looks like Selena Gomez could be dating again, following her high-profile breakup with Justin Bieber. These latest claims come after reports that Gomez was pregnant with Bieber's baby and got a plastic surgery boob job enhancement due to the pressure he caused.

While we've seen a number of reports to claim that Selena Gomez has moved on from her relationship with pop bad boy, Justin Bieber, the newest allegations are certainly the most shocking.

According to a number of tabloid reports, Selena Gomez could be hooking up with bisexual model, Cara Delevingne. The two have certainly been spending a lot of time together, so it's only logical that the tabloids jump all over their relationship.

Popular U.S. tabloid, Daily Star, went so far as to claim that Justin Bieber has gotten jealous over Selena and Cara spending so much time together. One source who spoke with the tabloid claims that after Justin's had a few drinks, he contacts Cara (via Unreality TV):

"Justin's called Cara on more than one occasion, wanting to know what's going on [with Selena]...It's been clear that he's had a drink beforehand, too...She's unfazed by the situation. She's just having fun with a new pal."

However, it's difficult to believe that Justin could be too upset by who Selena is seeing. After all, Justin has been linked to a number of beauties himself.

This certainly includes model Yovanna Ventura, with whom Biebs has been romantically linked in the past. Though neither party has confirmed their relationship, one source tells the great folks over at Hollywood Life that Yovanna describes Justin as her boyfriend:

"Yes, they are dating. She's kept it to herself. When people found out [about Bieber] she acted like nothing happened but she was telling her friends he was a really chill, cute, honest, and sweet guy...As a model she is using the [Bieber] brand as a way to help her...He is trying to help bring her up the ranks."

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