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LA Kings Ruin Grandparents Sex Lives? Lawsuit After Chicago Blackhawks Fan Profane Video In BBQ Restaurant

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Jul 28, 2014 05:35 PM EDT | Drew Jacobs (

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Poor LA Kings. The Stanley Cup-winning hockey team can't seem to catch a break. Shortly after Chicago's heartbreaking Game 7 loss to the Kings in June, a Blackhawks fan living in LA asked the proprietor of their favorite Brazilian BBQ restaurant to play a highlight video of the 'Hawks' season. The end of it contained a profane message aimed at the Kings and their fans. And now, some kooky old grandparents are suing the LA team's organization for ruining their sex lives. The lawsuit is in response to an incident in January when a woman was hit in the head with a puck.

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Here's a lesson. If you live in a city and you run an establishment that caters to a large group of transplants from another city, and those two cities engage in a national sporting event, do not assume that these people are now fully fledged citizens of your beloved municipality (via Classicalite):

"Chicago Blackhawks fans pulled a wily stunt in an LA restaurant last week at Silvio's Brazilian BBQ, which has somehow become a stomping grounds for Chicago transplants. A trusted regular asked to play a Blackhawks video highlight reel and the restaurant played it on the TV's around the restaurant. At the end of the video was a message in response to Chicago's Game 7 loss to the LA Kings in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. That portion of the video immediately went viral."

Tina and Dino Adam are regretting their January trip the Kings Icetown sports center. They were celebrating their granddaughter's birthday when an errant puck knocked Tina in the head. Not only was she immediately affected, but she claims that the injury has created a domino effect (via TMZ):

"In fact, Trina says less than a week after the incident she lost her balance as a result of the lingering effects of the puck injury and tumbled down a flight of stairs ... fracturing her wrist.

"But that's not all -- Dino says he's suffered as well ... claiming in the suit that he's lost the 'enjoyment of sexual relations' with his wife."

Bet you didn't want to know that!

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