Mayan Apocalypse Party Held In Moscow Bunker (VIDEO)

By O'Jay Burgess on Dec 20, 2012 01:39 PM EST

A Muscovite bunker is set to be the place where a few souls will usher in Dec. 21. A massive party will be held at an old bunker to usher in the so called Mayan Apocalypse according to

The party, which will cost party-goers $1,000 (U.S.), will get underway late Friday night. Those who can afford it, will spend the night underground for 24 hours. 

Built in 1956 and transformed into a museum in 2006, the nuclear protective Bunker 42 is 65 meters from central Moscow and also acts a banquet hall, restaurant and a museum decades on from its use in the Cold War.

Alexei Pavlovsky, the museum's guide, said the idea to organize this type of event in the Bunker came from random museum visitors, so they just couldn't say no.

"The idea is pretty simple, many people would feel much calmer if they could spend this critical day being surrounded with maximum comfort and safety," Pavlovsky told the Telegraph. "And who are we to say no when we have 56 meters of ground above us and a well 100 meters below us, there's also a pumping system and ventilation." 

Reports say that the Russian bunker party will have live stream of sister doomsday parties happening worldwide in places like Turkey.

While Pavlovsky and a select few are reveling in the so-called end of the world, their compatriots nationwide are panicking, so much so that the Russian government had to release statement quelling fears earlier in the year. reported that towns around the country are selling doomsday survival kits with vodka included as well as tours to heaven or hell.

The Telegraph also reported that in France believers of the doomsday prophecy are preparing to journey to the summit of a mountain where aliens will save them from the apocalypse. This has prompted the French government to station police near the mountain.

Moscow Doomsday Party Bunker:

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