Married Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi Divorce Split Tell All: Cheating Drunk Open Relationship Revealed? [RUMORS]

By Shane Jordan on Jul 30, 2014 07:53 PM EDT

Despite all her denials, day time talk show host Ellen DeGeneres hasn't been very successful at quelling the rumors that her marriage to Arrested Development wife Portia de Rossi is on the brink or divorce. Even worse for the Hollywood couple, the revealing tell-all about their imperfect relationship and near splits is soon to be released. The upcoming bestseller by Randy Jernigan, entitled The Life and Career of Ellen DeGeneres, is reportedly set to blow the lid off the supposed drinking, alleged cheating and Ellen's reported requests to have an "open" relationship. Forget what you might have heard about a baby adoption bringing them back together. Word has it, the book is going to expose the relationship to the kind of scrutiny that will undoubtedly be its final undoing.

No matter what wide accusation gets hurled in the general direction of Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi, the witty comedienne is always there to shout them down, but that is supposedly going to get a lot harder.

Randy Jernigan, who claims to be in the know about all the behind the scenes details of Portia and Ellen's passionate romance in his book, The Like and Career of Ellen DeGeneres, told OK! Magazine for their August 11 issue that DeGeneres and de Rossi's relationship has been virtually doomed from the get go:

"Ellen and Portia's marriage has been tumultuous form the beginning.

"Ellen tries to keep Portia to herself...She's afraid of losing her to a younger woman, so she won't allow Portia much of a social life."

Jernigan went on to explain to the publication that Ellen often takes an active role in purposefully ratcheting up the tension:

"Ellen will sabotage her relationship with Portia be intentionally trying to make her jealous.

"Portia is very insecure and always accuses Ellen of hitting on women and cheating, leading to days of fighting.

"Sometimes Ellen won't come home for days at a time during their fights."

Surprisingly, Randy even goes so far as suggesting that Ellen has asked Portia for a sexually open marriage, but Portia isn't down:

"Portia doesn't want an open relationship...Ellen might just be playing games, but Portia is down about it."

It's hard to say how Randy Jernigan would have become privy to any of this incredibly private information, but either way it should make for one hell of Hollywood story.

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