WATCH: Kama the Vegetarian Pig Hangs Ten on Sandy Beach Like A Pro [VIRAL]

By Maria Jean Sullivan on Aug 07, 2014 01:23 PM EDT

Vegetarian pig Kama has become a local surfer on Sandy Beach in Hawaii with his innate ability to catch a wave. Kama came to his owner, Kai Holt, at less than a week old on a camping trip at Bellows Beach on Oahu.

As legend has it, Kama fell into the pool one day and instinctively started swimming. Holt immediately thought he could for sure surf as well. From there, Kama followed Holt into the water, jumped on the board and they paddled out.

Kama caught his first wave, starting his professional surfing career.

Kama is a natural, of course, as Holt describes his technique: When the wave starts curling, Kama backs up, and lets the nose (of the board) start diving into the water. Once they start leveling off again, Kama walks to nose of his own hoof print laden board and rides it to the shore.

Kama favors 3 to 4 feet waves. When he gets an ankle buster, like a 1 to 2 foot wave, he bails out and swims around instead.

Are you a newbie yourself to shredding? You can follow Kama on Instagram, @kamathesurfingpig, for tips on paddling out, brah, and you will be surfing safari in no time.

Ready to get stoked on the cutest thing ever...

Watch Kama hang ten to the tune of classic surf sound "Single Beaches" by Lemme Adams. Listen closely at the end, and you can hear him snorting his gnarly snout for another round after he rides the wave to shore.

Surf's up!

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