New Video Game 'The Playing Beatles Backwards Devil Worship Quiz' Summons Satan Himself

By Ian Holubiak on Aug 11, 2014 02:44 PM EDT

The devil is in rock music. Yes, we've come to terms with this, we can surmise that Robert Johnson sold his soul at the crossroads, Jim Morrison was a satanic shaman and playing a Beatles' record in reverse, obviously, summons Satan himself.

Well by the good graces of Lucifer himself, if that is true then we should be so thankful for the major contributions he's made to popular music of the day.

Alright, so maybe if you're a Christian you believe the devil shrouds himself in "Helter Skelter" and contributed to the various Manson murders. But if you don't believe that an inferno-dwelling subhuman species lives eons below our universe and condemns all sinners to an endless pit of doom, then you can get with the picture that it's all just music.

But if you're like me then you were born well after the social crisis that was invoked by Beatle-hating parents back in the '60s. However, that shouldn't stop you from playing the latest safe-for-work trivia game "The Playing Beatles Backwards Devil Worship Quiz" on Us Vs Th3m.

Try it out. Maybe you can discern what exactly it is these parents were yammering on about, but I honestly couldn't hear anything Satan related.

And if you believe it was the devil himself, or the Beatles were just sound experimentalists, have a look at what some others have to say via the doc Programming the Nation.

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