Classicalite Exclusive Q&A: Kosha Dillz Talks 'Awkward In a Good Way,' 'No More War' and Giving Back

By Jonathan Lambert on Aug 08, 2014 10:59 PM EDT

Time for another Classicalite exclusive. This week we were able to catch up with Kosha Dillz, who opened up about Awkward in a Good Way, his latest album; "No More War," a powerful collaboration calling for peace; and what it means to give back to the community.

If you've ever met Kosha Dillz, then you are inevitably aware of his constant hustle.

One minute, he's working on a new album--a follow up to Awkward In a Good Way. The next, he's promoting an up-and-coming artist that lives over 2,000 miles away. In between, he's collaborating with some of the industry's most promising musicians/producers.

Yet, somehow, he still makes time to give back.

Last week, Kosha Dillz was among a number of artists to perform at the fundraiser, "It Is What It Israel," an event dedicated to promoting peace and raising awareness of the threats Israel continues to face.

Classicalite: Give me a rundown of how "It Is What It Israel" went.

Kosha Dillz: As the night came along, security was tight and great times were had.

The majority of pamphlets circulated were by orgs such as Stand with Us and Amit Children. They didn't contain much Pro-Israel information, but more so "the charter of Hamas," which basically sates who we are fighting in the war.

Instead of chatting about war all night, people were there for a good cause, supporting what they stand for: solidarity with Israel and enjoying some music instead of watching the news all night.

Distant Cousins and Automatic Toys took the stage and I closed off the night with "No More War."

CL: What other causes are important to you?

KD: Natural disaster relief in low income areas.

Haiti's earthquake, along with Hurricane Katrina, still have people displaced years later. I fundraised for Haiti on tour and hope to visit there one day.

The act of giving is good for my soul, whether it's supporting an unknown project on Kickstarter...or donating toward an organization I feel connected to...or even taking time to educate people on a matter (such as the Middle East conflict). I have the ability to give, and it's something I just do.

CL: What led you to become involved with the benefit?

KD: Working with Diwon for a long time and, of course, being an Israeli citizen. This is a land and history that becomes part of you. My family is Israeli to the core, as well as many friends.

So, to us, it feels right to be at those events. It also feels right to perform, being that we are creating songs for it like "No More War."

There are not many rappers, if any at all, that represent Israel like I do.

CL: What new projects are you working on?

KD: I am working on new music and videos constantly from my album Awkward in a Good Way, but I think a compilation of all my songs in Hebrew and English would be really great for the world.

I also just recently hit ten years clean off drugs/alcohol, so I'm hoping to publish a book of poems and diary entries from 12 years ago while incarcerated.

My fans really want to hear more about me from that side, and I think a lot of people want to know "what I was like."

CL: Thanks for taking the time to speak with us.

For a limited time only, you can name your own price for Kosha's latest album, Awkward In a Good Way, right here. And you can check out his newest song, "No More War," here.

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