Germany's Jonas Kaufmann, 'Hottest Tenor in the World,' Takes Over Opera Australia

By Ian Holubiak on Aug 14, 2014 02:25 PM EDT

Jonas Kaufmann has kept busy this year with a title role in Werther (The Met Opera) earlier this year. Sadly, a simulcast cued the curtains early and Jonas was left unresolved in the last seven minutes.

But this time, Kaufmann gets a serious lift on the Internet--with remark to his "darkly handsome" good looks.

Labeled the "hottest tenor" in the singing opera world, Kaufmann has been reckoned to fare with the likes Pavarotti, having a vocal range that is very much heralded among his peers (except, perhaps, Placido).

Next on his schedule, Jonas will head to the land down under, which he hopes will yield a larger audience and bring more fans to opera as a whole.

Lyndon Terracini of Opera Australia, per SBS, says of Kaufmann's vocal ability, "It's something that you can't really describe, or put your finger on it, but you know when someone has it. And when Jonas comes into a room you feel it."

"And when he walks on stage you feel, you actually feel as though he's singing directly to you," he continued.

But the tenor has kept a cool head about all the welcomed praise. It isn't unlike Kaufmann to seem reluctant to accept all the world's love, but the community has undoubtedly elected him as the best in his range.

Jonas will take the stage August 10-17 for a rare, "once in a lifetime" concert conducted by Jochen Rieder.

Get your tickets now or wait with the lot of us and enjoy some sultry Kaufmann below.

N.B. Jonas isn't selling well. At all. 

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