Engaged Eva Mendes Pregnant Ryan Gosling Breakup PHOTOS: Moving Out Due to Baby Bump Date? [RUMORS]

By Jonathan Lambert on Aug 16, 2014 12:53 PM EDT

For months now, we've seen reports that pregnant Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling may breakup. Now that photos have shown moving trucks outside of her home, many are wondering if she is moving out or simply preparing her house for the upcoming baby bump due date.

As usual, the tabloids are back at it. Despite seeing the exact same photos, gossip sites are drawing totally different meanings from the moving trucks photographed outside of Eva Mendes homes.

Some have suggested that Eva is moving into a bigger home, so that she and the baby can have more space to live and play. Others are claiming that Eva is simply making room for a new nursery in her old pad.

Either way, the moving trucks definitely have something to do with her baby bump, as Perez Hilton tells readers:

"It was previously reported that Eva was planning on looking for a bigger home once the baby comes...Girlfriend is probably getting ready to move all of her belongings to a new pad OR she could be prepping and baby-proofing her house!...Either way, she's totally anticipating for baby Gosling-Mendes and we're so excited for her!!"

This may seem like a last-minute effort to get everything in place, but, then again, that seems how Eva likes to operate.

After all, reports have suggested that the pregnancy, itself, was unplanned. In fact, no one seemed more surprised than her boyfriend and soon-to-be baby daddy, Ryan Gosling.

According to Radar Online, Ryan was floored by the news, especially considering he isn't ready to marry his beautiful girlfriend:

"[The pregnancy] was completely unplanned. Ryan was surprised, especially because they had broken up early last year, only to get back together... Their disagreements always come back to a central issue: Eva wants to marry Ryan, but so far, he has resisted."

What do you think about the latest photos? Is Eva moving into a bigger home? Is she just building a nursery? Was Ryan really shocked by Eva's pregnancy?

We want to hear from you. Tell us your thoughts in the comment field below.

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