2014 ‘View’ Cast Gossip: Sherri Shepherd Divorces Baby; October Gonzalez Hired? [VIDEO NEWS]

By Shane Jordan on Aug 16, 2014 10:37 PM EDT

Apparently, Sherri Shepherd's being fired from The View is affecting her family pretty adversely. In light of losing her CBS paycheck, word has it that Shepherd is ready to divorce her brand new born surrogate baby right along with her soon to be ex-husband Lamar Sally. So far, Rosie O'Donnell and Whoopi Goldberg are the only hosts that have been announced for the upcoming season, but according to all the gossip news updates, the producers seem determined to hire October Gonzalez before the month's out. There is talk that not everyone is excited about the proposition of October joining the cast, but the wife of The NFL Today commentator Tony Gonzalez reportedly has that kind of knockout beauty they are looking for the new show.

Though it may seem unimaginably cold-hearted to some people, there are reports that former View cohost Sherri Shepherd is reneging on her responsibilities to the surrogate baby she had with Lamar Sally.

Someone insisting they had inside information told Us Weekly for their August 25, issue that Sherri was done with the baby now that she is done with Sally.

The source told the publication that Shepherd is convinced that the baby was part of Lamar's plan to get all the money he can out of her:

"[Sherri] doesn't want anything to do with the baby...She feels scammed."

Sherri may be officially out, having already said tearful goodbyes on her last show, but Rosie O'Donnell and Whoopi Goldberg aren't going to be able to carry the show all by themselves.

According to Page Six, they won't have to once ABC inks the deal with October Gonzalez to join the skelton crew.

An insider told the website that the deal may never go down, if certain elements in the decision making team get their way:

"She has no TV experience...It's freaking people out that she's under serious consideration.

"We're all for hot. We're all for diversity. But we're also for someone with a real shot at not flaming out after one season."

Maybe the solution is to just keep rotating out the eye not like anyone would really notice anyways.

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