PHOTOS: 8-Ball Zine Inaugural Music Fair at Red Hook's Pioneer Works Is Daytripping for Vinyl Nerds and Audiophiles

By Maria Jean Sullivan on Aug 21, 2014 12:53 AM EDT

The 8-Ball Music Fair No. 1 (remember All Day Every Day's NEWSSTAND?) took place on Sunday, August 17 at Dustin Yellin's Pioneer Works in Brooklyn's Red Hook neighborhood--presenting an afternoon delight for both audiophiles and art-lovers.

The inaugural fête included tabling from various Brooklyn-based record distros including: Blazer Sound, Johan Kugelberg's gallery-slash-label Boo Hooray, Dub-Stuy Records, Famous Class, Never Not Working, the forever awesome Sacred Bones, Shakers/A1 Records, Show Paper, Tennis Court Place, Terrible Records, True Panther and plenty more...including a drop off table for bands to sell their demos and merch.

The perfectly weathered afternoon also featured amazing exhibits like "Touched by an Angel" by Daniel Kent and David Sheinkopf, as well as the opening of "Daily Operation" by Kenan Juska.

Musical tastings were provided courtesy of Queen Majesty, Edan (The Deejay) and Chances With Wolves.

Take a look at some of our favortite pics of the afternoon.

Perhaps the most fune zine Clite picked up was "The 8-Ball Guide How To: Internet Radio." Speaking of, do check out their own internet radio,, to see how they, err, fair.

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