Mamoru Fujieda's Magnum Opus 'Patterns of Plants' Comes to Fruition via Pinna Records, Release is Set for September 16

By Ian Holubiak on Aug 22, 2014 02:33 PM EDT

The magnum opus of Mamoru Fujieda's near decade-long composition, Mamoru Fujieda: Patterns of Plans, is the newest double-disc feature from Pinna Records. The disc is a series of composition that elaborate on the melodic patterns produced by the electrical activity of plants--where's Bill Nye when you need him?

The composition was created between 1996 and 2011. Working with a new device called the "Plantron," created by botanist-cum-artist Yūji Dōgane, the composer was able to measure electrical fluctuations on the surface of the leave of plants and "converted the data obtained into sound using the Max programming system," a release states.

Although it's a linear compilation, the songs don't need to be played chronologically. And through a process that has been equated to searching "in a deep forest" for "beautiful flowers and rare butterflies," Dōgane listened for patterns in the music and used them as the foundation for composing short pieces that are reminiscent of Baroque dance suites (pretty cool, right?)

As a release states:

Sarah Cahill was drawn to Fujieda's music after hearing it at the 1997 Other Minds Festival. She says, "I was curious to know more about this composer who, in a world that rewards virtuosity and showmanship, chooses to write music of simplicity and delicacy. These pieces seemed ancient, with their open fourths and intricate counterpoint, but also fresh and new. They felt good in the hands. They made me slow down and pay attention."

The disc set will be released September 16 with Cahill on piano. A track listing can be found below.


1-3 The Twenty-First Collection, Patterns A, B & D  

4 The Fifth Collection, Pattern D  

5-8 The Twelfth Collection  

9-10 The Seventh Collection, Patterns A-B  

11-14 The Nineteenth Collection (The Olive Branch Speaks)

15-16 The Twentieth Collection (Begonia in My Life)


1-2 Piano Selection II, Patterns A (Servus Paphiopedilum) & D (Euphlsia puella parva est)

3-4 The Thirteenth Collection, Patterns B & D

5-6 The Fifteenth Collection, Patterns B-C

7-8 The Eleventh Collection, Patterns A & D

9-12 The Sixteenth Collection

13-16 Piano Selection I

Until then, get down with Fujieda classics below.

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