Kris Humphries Rocking Celtics Gear After Trade Like Allen Iverson, Debate Over Wizards' Decision?

By Drew Jacobs on Aug 24, 2014 01:23 AM EDT

Journeyman power forward Kris Humphries was recently spotted rocking Celtics gear while working out even though he has been traded to the Washington Wizards. Is this a really big deal? It seems to be a small issue for a guy who will likely be riding the bench for the most part anyway. That's the breaks when you used to be married to a Kardashian. While he's getting nitpicked for wearing his old sweats a la Allen Iverson, some heavyweight statistical analysts are engaging in debate whether the Wizards' decision to acquire him was a wise one.

Apart from his association with Kim Kardashian, Humphries has led a rather quiet NBA career. Solid stats. Nothing to write home about. So why do folks care if he's got some old workout clothes? Poor Humph has been traded so many times he probably keeps that crap so he can remember his time in the league (via TMZ):

"Kris didn't seem too bothered by the issue when our guy asked him about the fashion decision -- but people like Allen Iverson got crushed when he rocked another team's gear out in public while he was playing for the 76ers."

Since Humphries will actually be wearing a Wizards jersey when he steps out on the court to play for the Wizards, it would probably make more sense to judge him based on his basketball playing ability.

Humphries was traded for Trevor Booker. How do they stack up? Here's the skinny, according to the Washington Post:

"Humphries is the better player, but there is one other factor to be concerned about: chemistry. How does Humphries impact those around him?

"When he shared the court with Rajon Rondo or Jerryd Bayless (two of his most frequent linemates last season), Boston saw a drop in their points per possession. And with Rondo it was a big drop."

It seems that, even with better stats, the Wizards might have been better off with Booker.

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