Alberto Del Rio Fired: WWE Let Mexican Wrestler Go After Racist Comment Led To Slap, 2013 Big Show Lawsuit- Paul Wight Responsible For El Patron's Exit? [RUMORS]

By Drew Jacobs on Aug 24, 2014 02:44 AM EDT

The sudden and unexpected firing of Alberto Del Rio after he reportedly slapped a WWE social media producer for making racist comments has not been without controversy. The fact that Del Rio was let go and alleged unrepentant racist wasn't even chastised for his behavior makes WWE look like its priorities are backwards. However, upon inspection of the machinations going on behind-the-curtains reveals some interesting information. For example, a 2013 lawsuit against the Big Show aka Paul Wight may be the main reason for El Patron's sudden exit. Is the Big Show responsible for the Mexican wrestler's sacking?

Rumor has it that following the incident between Del Rio and one Cody Barbierri, Del Rio, whose real name is Alberto Rodriguez, was to be suspended for a short time. A slap on the wrist.

However, after being told by Vince McMahon not to worry, Rodriguez was then informed that he was being let go, according to the rumors. Could this have to do with an ongoing lawsuit filed against the Big Show after he allegedly got angry with a former WWE employee? (via What Culture):

"Former WWE road producer, Andrew Green, filed suit against the company and superstar following an incident with the Big Show... Show allegedly agreed to the interview, but not without a bit of a fit. At some point, Green alleges things turned physical, and he was 'roughed up' by the Big Show."

Del Rio is understandably furious at this turn of events. The hypocrisy of WWE's stance on the situation may be encapsulated in their official statement regarding the whole ordeal (via Cage Side Seats):

"This was an unfortunate misunderstanding that led to an unfortunate incident. WWE does not condone any type of discrimination and is adamant about maintaining a respectful and safe work environment."

If it's important to maintain a respectful and safe work environment, you fired the wrong guy.

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