Divorcing Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick Net Worth Split: Shoes' Line Second Collection Launched? [VIDEO]

By Shane Jordan on Aug 27, 2014 09:27 PM EDT

After month of rumors circulating that Sex and the City's Instagram feet model, Sarah Jessica Parker and her Ferris Bueller husband, Matthew Broderick were very near divorce, word has it they are back together and better than ever. According the gossip news updates the New York City socialites were supposedly in the middle of discussing splitting up custody, their net worth and the whole nine when they decided to give it another chance. Speaking of second runs, word has it the SJP is launching the second collection in her brand new line of shoes. Carrie and Big would be so proud.

There has been whispers floating around since May that Matthew Broderick and his wife, Sarah Jessica Parker, were having some serious issues in their marriage that had them just about ready to call it quits after nearly two decades together.

According to a supposed insider, who spoke to OK! Magazine for their September 8, issue, however, the middle-aged couple had a long "state of the union" discussion that led to a renewed since of purpose and dedication of commitment:

"It was make-or-break time...during that talk they really connected for the first time in years. They decided they owed it to themselves to really fight for their relationship."

"Sarah Jessica's life revolves around fashion while Matthew's main interest is the theater...Neither of them cared enough about the relationship to even try to understand the other's passions.

"Now they are trying to put each other's needs first. Even when they don't agree they listen to each other without judgment."

Just because she is reportedly learning to care about the theater doesn't mean that Sarah Jessica is going to put her new shoe line on hold, however.

It's been reported by Elle that SJP isn't ready to lose the momentum of her 2014 rollout just yet:

"After successfully releasing her first collection of shoes for Spring Summer 2014, Sarah Jessica Parker has continued to celebrate her love for shoes by releasing a second collection for her shoe label, SJP, for Autumn Winter 2014."

The way Parker described the one style she's named "Blythe" after Blythe Danner, the shoe sounds like it would be right at home own Carey Bradshaw's feet during a big night out in Sex and the City:

"This beautiful shoe exudes a sort of sophistication. A metropolitan personality."

Ahh...If you say so.

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