‘Today’ Show Host Katie Couric and Diane Sawyer Feud; Meredith Vieira Talks Matt Lauer and Ann Curry Tell-All? [NEWS UPDATES]

By Shane Jordan on Aug 27, 2014 10:59 PM EDT

One-time early morning leader in ratings, the Today show has already had to deal with the fallout from a salacious tell-all that chronicled the dramatic buildup of tension the reportedly led to Ann Curry's being unceremoniously fired from the program. Years after the fact, former cohost Meredith Vieira recently opened up about what a difficult time that had been for everyone involved with the show. According to the latest gossip news updates, the Today show is set to be rocked again by yet another wild book about the ugly feuds between Katie Couric and Good Morning America's Diane Sawyer among other crazy tid-bits by Vanity Fair contributor Sheila Weller entitled, The News Sorority.

You wouldn't guess it my looking at them, but according to the new up-coming tell-all by veteran journalist Sheila Weller's, The Sorority Girls, the ladies of the Today show are more formidable than the Wu Tang Clan.

According to Us Weekly, the book shines a light on area the ladies behavious that seldom folks outside of their industry have ever seen:

"So much for sisterhood. Katie Couric, Diane Sawyer, and Christiane Amanpour are the subjects of a dishy new tell-all by ­ contributor Sheila Weller--and the picture she paints of them and their industry isn't an entirely pretty one.

"Weller's tome claims that the two journalists battled each other for scoops when they appeared on competing morning shows--Couric on Today, Sawyer on Good Morning America--in the early 2000s."

One look at the highlights made available by the Daily Mail, who received an early copy on the soon-to-be bestseller, and you can see that the ladies are accused of a good bit more than just being competitive:

"When Diane beat Katie on an interview with a 57-year-old woman who'd given birth to twins, Katie mused aloud: 'I wonder who she blew this time to get it.'"

"Sawyer's famous rivalry with Barbara Walters for ratings-grabbing interview subjects was akin to mortal combat. 'Barbara and Diane were determined to kill each other--to wipe each other off the face of the earth,' says an ABC News staffer."

The folks over at the Today show appear to be doing the best to marginalize the account before it comes out and for a very good reason.

During a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter , former cohost Meredith Vieira revealed that things got pretty uncomfortable around their after the last tell-all about Matt Lauer and Ann Curry can out:

"That was such a bad time...I really felt for Matt a lot. And I felt for Ann, too.

"It turned so nasty, really nasty...Every day you're reading this stuff that is just beyond cruel from angry, angry people who felt that Ann had been slighted and embarrassed and humiliated."

The book makes it sound as though the exceptionally strong ladies that have passed through the early morning show crusiblle could definitely take it...but can the Today show ratings. After all Michael Strahan's fiancé can only leave him the one time.

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