DDP Yoga's Success Comes From Testimonials: Retired Scott Hall, Jake Roberts Near Death Say Diamond Dallas Page Saves Lives

By Drew Jacobs on Aug 28, 2014 06:20 AM EDT

Retired wrestler Diamond Dallas Page isn't kicking back in the Bahamas, resting on his laurels. He's setting out to change lives with his new DDP Yoga. But close friends Scott Hall and Jake "The Snake" Roberts say in testimonials that he's doing more than that. They say he saves lives. Hall and Roberts have both famously struggled with alcohol and drug addiction, as well as depression. After years of battling demons, both men are starting to find their way to a happier existence, thanks in large part to the physical rehabilitation and personal support they've received from their buddy Page. And now, he has turned his method of aggressive yoga into a successful business venture.

At Page's request, at one point Roberts moved into his home in Atlanta for a prolonged one-on-one rehab/detox stint. While success was a long and difficult journey, Page and Roberts eventually found a way through the dark times (via Huffington Post):

"Dallas is one of these guys who doesn't take no for an answer," said Roberts, 59. "I was drinking, drugging, I was over 300 pounds, and I was heading to die if someone didn't stop me. I couldn't get out of the chair or on to the floor."

Scott Hall has had his share of relapses, even since finding success with Page's help, but he keeps getting back on that horse. Despite reports of no-showing an event in May and apparently being "in a dark place", Hall recently appeared alongside long-time friend Kevin Nash for an nWo reunion of sorts for Hulk Hogan's 61 st birthday, and he looked good.

Check out Hall and others at Hogans birthday bash (via Wrestling Inc.):

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