Lizard Squad Hackers Address Terrorist ISIS Connection After PlayStation DDoS Attack and Sony Plane Bomb Threat [REDDIT AMA] [TWITTER]

By James Knight on Aug 30, 2014 09:47 PM EDT

Last weekend Sony’s PlayStation Network was shut down briefly following an DDoS attack. The hacker group known as Lizard Squad were among the few to take credit for the attack. They also tweeted a bomb threat to an American Airlines flight carrying Sony’s Entertainment President, John Smedley. Now the group have taken to a Reddit AMA chat to answer questions about their organization, including their self professed ties to terrorist group ISIS.

During a recent Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) chat, the hacker group Lizard Squad answered questions about their organization. By answered questions, we mean that they dodged any hard-hitting questions, and occasionally chimed in with short responses. Among one of the topics brought up, was the group’s, self professed, ties to ISIS. One user asked them about the association, writing:

“I get the exposing corporate greed angle, but don't you think you've maybe taken it a bit too far? You practically made a bomb threat, you put lives in danger. And the ISIS flag shit is disrespectful. You are turning yourself look like a terrorist rather [SIC] then someone who is trying to make a point.”

To this The Lizard Squad responded, claiming:

“Some media outlets actually think we're affiliated with ISIS, it's great.”

Another user commented on the group’s invocation of ISIS, writing:

“I really like the fact that normal people can shut down major corporations, but why do it in the name of ISIS?... I love computers and technology but why the bomb threat if [SIC] your trying to expose corporate greed and show how bad of quality corporation servers are?”

Instead of a real answer we got this?

“For the Caliph, brother!”

What do you think of the Lizard Squad’s responses? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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