Richard Nixon Smuggled Three Pounds of Marijuana for Louis Armstrong into the U.S....Reveals New Roger Stone Novel?!

By Maria Jean Sullivan on Sep 05, 2014 10:28 PM EDT

Roger Stone reveals how Richard Nixon smuggled three pounds of pot in to the country for jazz legend Louis Armstrong in his latest novel, Nixon's Secrets: The Rise, Fall, and Untold Truth about the President, Watergate, and the Pardon published last month by Skyhouse Publishing.

With contributions by Mike Colapietro, political activist and author Stone (intentional pun?) shares the tale of a naive “mule” Nixon single handedly carrying Satchmo’s two suitcases full of ganga to his own disbelief.

The story goes like this: the U.S. State Department donned Armstrong a "Goodwill Ambassador" in the late 1050’s and underwrote a concert tour in Europe and Asia for him. Based on his ambassadorial status, Armstrong and gang were waived through customs without a search on their way home from the first two tours.

Then he landed at Idlewild Airport in New York in 1958. At Idlewild, he was directed toward the customs lines after a tip of travelers smuggling the goods into the U.S. With three pounds of buds in his suitcase, a sweaty and nervous Armstrong joined the customs line.

And who opens the door to save the day? None other than former vice president Richard Nixon. With security in tow, Nixon was hoping for a sweet wire-pic opp. Nixon, naturally, saw Armstrong and thought that’s the one and approached the man, the legend.

"Satchmo, what are you doing here?" Nixon asked.

"Well, Pops, I just came back from my goodwill ambassador's tour of Asia and they told me I had to stand in this line for customs,” said Armstrong.

Immediately, Nixon snagged both suitcases.

"Ambassadors don't have to go through customs and the Vice President of the United States will gladly carry your bags for you," said Nixon, unknowingly carrying Armstrong’s ganga supply.

Some time later, Nixon was let in on the secret by his traveling aide Charles McWhorter. An unbelievably simple Nixon replied, "Louie smokes marijuana?”

Peep below as Satchmo and Dick chat it up about reefer. 

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