Classical Oversharing: Opera Singers and Other Operaists Fired Over Facebook Posts, What is Safe to Post and What Isn't?

By Ian Holubiak on Sep 12, 2014 08:12 PM EDT

It isn't just a tip for classical musicians, but in light of recent events perhaps they are in most need of it — the plethora of classical musicians over sharing on social media outlets continues to cost great performers their careers.

Recently it was published on Classicalite that Valerian Ruminski had posted some hateful things about a drag queen he spotted on the buss with bedazzled fingernails.

Valerian is learning to keep the comments to himself as now the bass-baritone has lost his contract the Canadian organization, Opera Lyra.

While Ruminski may not have intended for it to sound homophobic, the damage was done and his career is now in turmoil.

Similar instances happened with Georgian soprano Tama Iveri, who was dropped from Australian and Belgian productions earlier this year after posting a rant onto her Facebook about a gay rights parade.

The remarks were clad in overtones of homophobia.

Sorry, operaists, your political stance of things controversial isn't exactly appreciated in the public eye.

While other, regular users may not need to find the balance between personal and public statements, it's undoubtedly true that high-profile performers maintain an aura of professionalism — especially when using Twitter or Facebook.

Unfortunately for Valerian, his newfound tact has to be put to use at his next job.

And for now, here he is doing when he's not slinging sexual slurs.

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