Jeff Goldblum Called 'An Eternal Hipster' by New York Times in Cafe Carlye Debut with Mildred Snitzer Orchestra

By Maria Jean Sullivan on Sep 19, 2014 08:46 PM EDT

We have been following Jeff Goldblum’s jazz whereabouts ever since we learned he frequently tickles the keys in Los Angeles. Our lessons have taught us quite a few things.

For one, he plays with his own jazz band, The Mildred Snitzer Orchestra, alongside Zane Musa on tenor saxophone, John Storie on guitar, Tim Emmons on bass and Kenny Elliot on drums.

He was pushed by Woody Allen to come to New York and play at the Café Caryle. Once this was official, Goldblum sat on Late Night with Seth Myers to promote. During which, he sang quasi-made-up lyrics to the theme to Jurassic Park.

Now, he's the man the New York Times called “an eternal hipster” in their review of his debut show of the weeklong stretch at a Midtown dinner club.

“The Snitzer ensemble has no pretensions to technical brilliance,” reported the NYT. “Its members are musically like-minded buddies who enjoy making jazz together.”

Pretentions or not, Goldblum and gang held down the café, playing classic jazz cuts. The set list included Classicalite favorites like Charlie Parker's "Scrapple from the Apple," Thelonius Monk's "Epistrophy," and “Autumn In New York” with Hilary Gardner, a singer from Wasila, Alaska.

In a porkpie hat, Goldblum charmed the audience with his banter as well.

“The entertainer he most resembled was David Letterman, with elements of Paul Shaffer thrown in,” said NYT referring to Goldblum’s incessant ability quiz the audience on movie quotes and slice-of-life tidbits.

All and all, not a bad opening night. To wit, Edward Norton, Fisher Stevens and Al Roker celebrating his wedding anniversary were all in tow.

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