Orioles Mascot Nut Puncher: Baltimore Bird Judo Throws Bucket List Assailant Christopher John Collins?

By Drew Jacobs on Sep 27, 2014 02:44 AM EDT

Last April, an Orioles fan punched the Baltimore Orioles mascot in the junk while taking a picture with him. The Baltimore Bird retaliated with a judo throw on Cristopher John Collins. The nut-puncher's only defense during and after the fact was that it was on his "bucket list."

Even though cops intervened almost immediately, the bird apparently knew how to take care of himself. After Collins punched the guy in the junk, he was swiftly taken out by the Baltimore Bird (via SB Nation):

"The nut-punching monster was arrested, as our laws and customs dictate.

"Good work, Oriole Bird. Just because you wear a ridiculous foam suit and terrorize small children (and entertain larger children) doesn't mean that you don't feel bean-related nausea when you're punched there."

Of course, when you ask the assailant what he could possibly be thinking, he answered with the only reasonable response one could possibly utter (via TMZ):

"That's when, according to the report, 33-year-old Christopher John Collins reached down with a closed right fist and struck ... saying over and over again, 'That was on my bucket list.'"

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