PHOTOS: Richard Reed Parry, Nico Muhly and yMusic Ensemble at Roulette for Ear Heart Music Series

By Maria Jean Sullivan on Sep 30, 2014 04:49 PM EDT

Last night, Richard Reed Parry performed pieces from his solo debut LP, Music for Heart and Breath, with Nico Muhly and the yMusic Ensemble at Roulette in Brooklyn.

The Bryce Dessner-produced album is a sleepy yet transfixing set of compositions that replace the metronome with the human body. Parry released his album this summer on Deutsche Grammophon in the midst of Arcade Fire's Reflecktor tour.

Opening the evening was Muhly and Nadia Sirota performing Muhly's compositions with prompts on how quiet and fascinating Parry's performance will be. They later joined the stage with the rest of the members of yMusic and Parry donning stethescopes.

The musicians use the medical instrument to perform to the speed of their heartbeat and breathing. The evening sonically sped up and slowed down as though a natural sleep aid.

Take a look at a few shots we snapped during the more upbeat moments.

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