ABC ‘Once Upon A Time’ New Episode Preview: Prince Charming Josh Dallas Talks ‘Chicago Fire’ Robin Weigert Villain Bo Beep and ‘Frozen’ Anna Relationship [PROMO] [SEASON 4]

By James Knight on Oct 05, 2014 02:30 PM EDT

Tonight ABC’s hit fairy-tale drama, Once Upon A Time is all new with the second episode of its Frozen themed fourth season. This week Prince Charming/David (Josh Dallas) faces off against the villainous Bo Beep, played by Robin Weigert (Sons of Anarchy, Chicago Fire, Chidago PD'),with a help from Anna. Check out the promo video and plot preview below for more details.

The official plot synopsis for tonight's all new episode, titled “White Out,” reads:

“Elsa traps Emma in an ice cave, where the low temperatures endanger Emma's life. Meanwhile, a depressed Regina isolates herself; Mary Margaret tries to restore the town's electricity; and back in the past, Anna gets a meek David to stand up to Bo Peep”

Sons of Anarchy and Chicago Fire / PD actress, Robin Weigert, will make her debut as the villainous Bo Beep. Recenty Josh Dallas Spoke to TV Guide about what we can expect from Bo Beep, and his own relationship with Frozen’s Anna:

“[She] is a brutal warlord. She shows no mercy over David and his family and his small farm. David is, at this point, still a young man. Because the circumstances of his life, we'll learn in this episode that he's been conditioned to run from things. Running is easier than tackling whatever the problem is. Anna really teaches him to face life and stop running from things. His instinct with Bo Peep is to run from her, and she's a brutal warlord who's actually just a bully that he needs to face up to. So Anna really shows him the way.”

Be sure to tune into the all new episode tonight at 8:00 p.m. on ABC. Before than you can feast on your eyes on a long haired Josh Dallas:

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