Technical Difficulty: Berlin Philharmonie's Schuke Organ Breaks on Cameron Carpenter During 'Organist in Residency' Program

By Ian Holubiak on Oct 07, 2014 08:27 PM EDT

Bad tidings surrounded an unsuspecting Cameron Carpenter during his season opening performance for the Berlin Philharmonie in Germany. With a nearly full hall, the Philharmonie's Schuke organ broke and kept a note perpetually sounding.

It was a performance to kick off the organ season for the third year in a row, which Carpenter is denoted as "organist in residence." The show was supposed to be chock full of Bach but when a key broke and a note refused to halt, the organist was forced to leave the stage.

But not after accepting a resounding applause. Other than the note, Carpenter's skills are unrivaled and make for a great performance I'm sure. However, the note was so insufferable, patrons were running from the hall with theirs hands cupped over their ears.

Per a release, an announcement was made that the problem was irreparable and that the musician would have to continue the performance on the piano rather than end the concert.

A Steinway D, the switch may not have been so bad. He continued with Chopin's Etude in C# Minor, selections from Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier, a work from Medtner, Grainger's Handel in the Strant and various others.

We feel for you, Cameron, and hopefully the residency won't be hindered further.

Check him out below.

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