Judd Apatow and Wife Leslie Mann Divorce: Split Net Worth After Netflix Orders Gillian Jacobs SitCom? [PHOTO NEWS]

By Shane Jordan on Oct 12, 2014 10:59 PM EDT

It seems that even a world famous multimillionaire director like, Judd Apatow, has deal to with the ups and downs of an uncertain life just like everyone. Sure, the 40 Year Old Virgin genius may have just signed a 2-season deal with Netflix to go ahead and make 22-episodes with Community actress Gillian Jacobs, but that supposedly hasn't kept his wife from cheating on him. According to the latest gossip news updates, Leslie Mann has been seen making out with some mystery man and a divorce could be imminent. Word has it that the Hollywood couple will probably just continued to live unsatisfied lives as Judd is said to be very much in love with Mann and it would be hard for her to split from a man that has a net worth like Judd's.

After more than ten years concentrating soley on movies and on-occasion his stand-up, comedian director Judd Apatow has just inked a deal to make at least 2-season of his new show, Love, for Netflix.

According to entertainment website, The Deadline, Judd is going to make 10 episodes the first season and 12 the next to tell the story of  lovers, Gus (Paul Rust) and Mickey (Gillian Jacobs) as they attempt to suffer the slings and arrows of intimacy and commitment.

Word has it the fortunes of Apatow's personal life, however, have taken a turn for the worst, as his wife Leslie Mann has supposedly been cheating on him in plain sight while in L.A.

A source with inside information claimed in In Touch Weekly's October 20, issue that anyone hanging out at The Roxy in West Hollywood last September 25, was treated to a real eye full:

"Leslie fooled around with a really handsome younger man named Michael.

"She went and sat on his lap and was running her hands through his hair and kissing him

"At the end of the night they left hand in hand."

A friend of the family told the publication that the infidelity was killing her husband, but Leslie isunhappy enough not to care at this point:

"It's sad because Judd just adores her...but Leslie treats him like crap.

"She's not happy in that marriage."

But she doesn't mind staring in his movies of living in his mansions it seems.

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