Kansas City Fans Speak: 'We Want Joyce DiDonato for 2014 World Series National Anthem'

By Ian Holubiak on Oct 18, 2014 02:35 PM EDT

The world saw Renée Fleming sing "The Star-Spangled Banner" at the 2014 Super Bowl, and now they want to see another opera star overshadow yet another sporting event. Joyce DiDonato, a Kansas City native, has a petition out for her to perform, yes, at the 2014 World Series.

While Paul Rudd can make an on-field appearance at the final post-season game for the Kansas City Royals, it should not be too hard to get DiDonato onto the mound, either. Arguably the world's most famous opera star, it should be a great opportunity.

A petition at is up for the singer and has reached a climate of 2,000 signatures. Will Major League Baseball take to the signatures?

We hope so.

A lifelong Royals fan, opera could sure use some facetime at all major sporting events. Jonas Kaufmann has been hard at work to promote opera to all kinds of listeners, and now DiDonato will continue similar press.

Check her out singing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" and keep your fingers crossed for a DiDonato rendition of our national anthem:

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