Cary Elwes, Disney Theatricals Honcho Talk Broadway Prospects for 'Princess Bride,' 'Frozen'

By Jon Sobel on Oct 20, 2014 05:52 PM EDT

Frozen is destined to become a Broadway musical if Thomas Schumacher, Disney Theatrical Group's president and producer, has his way. And Carey Elwes, star of Rob Reiner's hit 1987 Disney film The Princess Bride, said recently that it too is headed for the Great White Way.

One attempt at a Princess Bride adaptation has already been abandoned, but hopes are high for the success of a new one reportedly in the works. "Well, all I know is that it's a go on Broadway, and I'm sure they will do a brilliant job on it," said Elwes, who portrayed hero Westley in the film. "They don't need any advice from me. Plenty of song titles to choose from, that's for sure."

Asked about Frozen, the 2013 animated blockbuster that spawned Idina Menzel's monster hit song "Let It Go," Disney's Schumacher told The Hollywood Reporter in a recent wide-ranging interview that "There's something purely theatrical about the relationship between these two women [the characters Elsa and Anna]. You can see it."

Schumacher had seen Frozen's Broadway potential on first seeing the movie, even before its release. "My job is to corral the writers of the movie. I'm already talking to directors, and I have a design concept, and we have to begin to fashion this idea. It doesn't need to be fast. It needs to be great."

"It doesn't need to be fast." Obviously there hasn't been any hurry to stage The Princess Bride, as that film nears its 30th anniversary. But talk is bubbling up from under the ice about Broadway adaptations for both films. Stay tuned.

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