Musical Makeover: Tod Machover and Detroit Symphony Orchestra Turn City into 'Symphony in D' Musical Portrait

By Ian Holubiak on Nov 20, 2014 04:24 PM EST

Professor of music and media at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Tod Machover, has been on a musical exploration and is using Detroit as his landscape. In collaboration with the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, Machover turns the Motor City into a new piece entitled Symphony in D.

Traffic noise, music drifting from an open window, Detroit News relays that its aim is to translate the city into a musical portrait. If the trailer is any indication, it has a few hints of jazz in the background.

The concept, too, will accept submissions from "ordinary citizens," as well as ideas workshopped in schools and community centers around the city.

Symphony in D, thus, will premiere at Orchestra Hall on November 16 of next year. For anyone interested in submitting sound recordings can find instructions here.

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