'Giant' original cast recording comes to live in May

By Ema White on Apr 04, 2013 12:14 PM EDT

An original cast recording titled 'Giant' will be released this May. The recording based on a novel written by Pulitzer Prize-winning writer Edna Ferber tells the story about a powerful cattle man from Texas, his East Coast bride as well as friends, family, enemies, and their joys and sorrows.

'Giant' recording will come to life through music and lyrics by the five-time Tony nominated composer Michael John LaChiusa, and direction by the three-time Tony nominated director Michael Greif.

The co-production with Dallas Theater Center and The Public's Musical Theater Initiative offers the recording featuring 22 actors and a 17-piece orchestra.

'Giant' original cast recording is combined of 2 acts.

Track list:

ACT 1:

1. Aurelia Dolores (Polo, Lupe, and Company)

2. Did Spring Come to Texas? (Bick)

3. Your Texas (Leslie, Bick)

4. No Time for Surprises (Luz)

5. Private Property (Jett)

6. Outside Your Window (Jett, Leslie)

7. He Wanted a Girl (Vashti, Bick)

8. Heartbreak Country (Bick, Leslie)

9. Ruega por Nosotros (Lupe, Servants)

10. Look Back/Look Ahead (Bawley, Bick, Leslie, and Company)

11. Topsy Turvy (Leslie, Bick)

12. When to Bluff (Jett, Lil Luz)

13. One Day (Jett, Men)

14. My Texas (Bick, Vashti, Pinkie, Adarene, Mike, Leslie and Company)

15. A Stranger (Leslie)

16. Act One Finale (Bick, Jett, Bawley, and Company)

ACT 2:

17. Our Mornings/That Thing (Bick, Luz)

18. Jump (Angel, Lil Luz, Bobby Jr.)

19. There is a Child (Juana, Jordy)

20. Un Béso, Béso! (Polo, Lupe, Angel, Analita, Luz, and Company)

21. Place in the World (Bawley, Bick)

22. Midnight Blues (Vashti, Leslie)

23. The Dog is Gonna Bark (Jett)

24. Juana's Prayer (Juana)

25. The Desert (Bick, Lesie)

26. Aurelia Dolores Reprise / Act Two Finale (Jordy, Juana, and Company)

'Giant' is now available for preorders at

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