Engaged Brantley Gilbert Cheating Fiancé Amber Cochran Still Married After Wedding Announcement? [NEWS UPDATE]

By Shane Jordan on Dec 07, 2014 08:11 PM EST

Any one playing close attention to Brantley Gilbert's personal life would have noticed it didn't take the country singer to announce that he was engaged once again after the news of his split from former fiancé Jana Kramer got out. According to the latest gossip news updates, his new girlfriend's last relationship has even more overlap. Word has it Amber Cochran was still married to her ex-husband Brock Roland when Brantly and Amber first started publicly talking about wedding plans. Rowland claimed in his divorce papers that the marriage had ended due to his cheating wife's adultery. Even more exciting, it looks like the split wasn't finalized until weeks after Amber had been telling everyone she was engaged to Gilbert.

Country and western music has always held cheating as one of its sacred cornerstones, and it would seem that Brantly Gilbert and his new fiancé, Amber Cochran, are certainly doing their part to keep that tradition alive.

A source close to Amber and her former husband, Brock Rowland, explained to Star Magazine that it seemed like they were the happiest of newlyweds until Amber started going back to her and Brantly's home town more and more often:

 "They seemed totally in an ideal, church going couple. I never saw them argue.

"Then she was gone!

"Brock eventually told us in the spring that she had disappeared one night when she said she was going to the grocery store.

"Amber had been having some family issues; it's possible that she turned to Brantley for support, and that could have sparked their old feelings again."

According to Star, that is just when things started to get ugly between Amber and Brock as she accused him of mental and physical abuse in her divorce filings:

"Brock denied Amber's claims and counterfiled for divorce on the grounds of adultery.

"Their divorce was finalized last October 17 -- 26 days after she and Brantley reportedly became engaged."

Oddly enough, Brock isn't the only one to have his heart broken by Bradley's fickle nature.

After Taylor Swift decided to pull her entire catalogue from Spotify, Brantley soon followed suit, depriving the company and thousands of his streaming fans access to their favorite Gilbert songs:

The Rolling Stone reports that if you search for Brantley's latest album on the music streaming service you get some lame message about Gilbert not wanting you to have it:

"The artist or their representatives have decided not to release this album on Spotify. We are working on it and hope they will change their mind soon."

Honestly, that seems a little hypocritical coming from Brantley now that we know that he reportedly stole his new fiancé from her last husband less than two years into their marriage.

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