6-Year-Old Iain Armitage Interviews Sting After His Recent Performance in the Autobiographical Suite 'The Last Ship'

By Ian Holubiak on Dec 19, 2014 04:08 PM EST
Adorable 6-Year-Old Interviews Sting and His Recent Performance in the Autobiographical Suite 'The Last Ship' Tony Danza (L) and Youtube star Iain Armitage attend 2015 Kids' Night On Broadway Press Conference at Sardi's on November 4, 2014 in New York City. (Photo : Rob Kim/Getty Images)

In an era where hyper-famous stars like Ariana Grande are rumored to resent their fans and walk out in the middle of photo shoots, legends like Sting invite their fans backstage for exclusive interviews--even if they are 6-years old.

Most recently, Sting donned the lead role in his slow-to-start Broadway musical, The Last Ship. And while the fledgling production may have hit a snag with his pal Jimmy Nail as the star, the autobiographical suite seems to be getting back on track.

One fan, though, was more than impressed by the number and went so far as to request an interview with the ex-rocker.

If you don't know him, youngster Iain Armitage posts reviews about performances to his YouTube channel, his first coming after a staging of Waiting for Godot starring Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian McKellan resonated with his small bones.

His YouTube videos, as you could imagine, struck a chord with YouTube viewers and they very quickly went viral, catapulting the precocious youth into Internet stardom.

And as one would've guessed, also, Sting was more than accommodating and answered the questions "the best that he could."

An exclusive slideshow over at Vulture shows a first-hand perspective of the singer-songwriter's personal performance and the adorable interview with Mr. Armitage can be found below.

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