New Ornette Coleman Album, 'New Vocabulary,' Features New Talents and a New Space for the Alto Sax Player

By Ian Holubiak on Jan 02, 2015 09:19 PM EST

A new Ornette Coleman album is definitely news worth making note of. The 84-year-old alto sax player and jazz innovator is set to participate on the new disc New Vocabulary, which features fresh material dating back to 2009.

Although the new LP features pieces from a few years back, according to Time Out New York, his alto sax swoops and moves in a different space offering a more freeform exodus from previous recordings.

This zone is characterized as an in-between realm distorted by dunk, dub and electronica, also indicated at TONY.

Featuring trumpeter Jordan McLean of Antibalas and the Fela! musical, drummer Amir Ziv — co-owners of System Dialing Records, who is releasing the album — and pianist Adam Holzman, a new album from the renowned sax player usually comes with great fanfare.

But there's an interesting theme presented here, where a huge star randomly appears on a disc with a seemingly underground trio of players. Also syprisingly, in the liners Peter Sarsgaard and Maggie Gyllenhaal are thanked but with no reason as to why.

Regardless, as Dark Forces indicates, the new tracks are like a portrait of a guest artist on an already established group's intricate and self-contained world. While sampling from their group Droid, having a heavyweight like Coleman step into the picture is a rather exciting idea.

To have a listen make your way here, otherewise keep up with Coleman below.

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