Dancing With The Stars 2013 Cast: Season 16, Week 7 Results - Including Michael Bublé's 'Come Dance With Me' and YouTube Violinist Lindsey Stirling [VIDEO]

By Logan K. Young on May 01, 2013 03:44 PM EDT

You've seen him eveywhere, including the New York City subway. And you've seen her pretty much every week on the Classicalite Chart Report.

Now, watch Canadian crooner Michael Bublé's Sinatra and YouTube violin sensation Lindsey Stirling get results on Dancing With The Stars--Season 16, Week 7.

Quoth the Los Angeles Times' Allyssa Lee earlier this morning:

Michael Bublé is so exceedingly “DWTS” appropriate that he should be on always. I mean, his song was called “Come Dance With Me,” for ballroom’s sake. He name-checked the cha cha and the tango. And he clapped for the dancers! (I’m an advocate of openly supportive dancer-musician relations.) I also approved the mix of church and state when the pro ladies draped themselves all over Mr. Bublé at the beginning of the routine. And then played red rover with him right before commercial.

Given the lull in the who's-going-home melodrama, Lindsey Stirling's dubby "Crystallize" proved to be a much needed energy boost for pros-gone-lovers Allison Holker and Stephen "tWitch" Boss.

What say you, though? Should lindseystomp have played a different tune?

Sure, "Elements" is a newer Stirling song, but is it better made for dancing than "Crystallize?"

More importantly, who played it best on last night's episode of Dancing With The Stars? Lindsey Stirling...or Michael Bublé doing "Come Dance With Me?"

Could we possibly ask any more questions? Let us know--in the comments--of course.

FYI: We're voting Lindsey over Michael. And again, we couldn't be more pleased that Andy Dick's finally going home!

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