EXCLUSIVE: John Cage & Lejaren Hiller's 'HPSCHD' @ Eyebeam [VIDEO]

By Logan K. Young on May 08, 2013 11:31 AM EDT
EXCLUSIVE: John Cage & Lejaren Hiller's 'HPSCHD' @ Eyebeam A look at Electronic Music Foundation head honcho Joel Chadabe's signal schematic and mixer--ride the faders, indeed. (Photo : Logan K. Young)

Once more, Classicalite told you this was going to be an "epic."

And throughout all 10 hours (Friday night's five, Saturday afternoon's five), the tweets pretty much confirmed what we already knew about Nick Hallett's Darmstadt Essential Repertoire series.

On Monday, while quoting The Times' Richard Kostelanetz, Classicalite posted photos from John Cage & Lejaren Hiller's HPSCHD @ Eyebeam.

Yesterday--doing the same for critic Steve Smith--Classicalite shared the audio from John Cage & Lejaren Hiller's HPSCHD @ Eyebeam.

Now, just like we promised, Classicalite is thrilled to offer some exclusive video shot during Friday night's performance.

As it turns out, New York wasn't the only great musical city to present HPSCHD on Friday, May 3, 2013.

No, nearly eight hours away--in Cleveland, Ohio--the Cleveland Orchestra and the Cleveland Museum of Art teamed up to realize what Tom Welsh called a "more practical [sic] version."

We couldn't find a review from The Plain Dealer, but Welsh's guest blog for the the Museum of Art went on to specify that Cleveland's version was "prepared by Joel Chadabe of the Electronic Music Foundation, whereby the audio and video elements were updated and condensed onto CD and DVD for easier playback."

Seeing as how Welsh linked to Mark Swed's brilliant, interactive Cage centennial for The Los Angeles Times, one final time, Classicalite quotes a noted John Cage scholar:

"[Cage] was, perhaps, the greatest music radical of the 20th century. He composed using chance procedures. His music honored silence along with sound. He made no distinction between traditional musical sounds and what some call noise. He embraced, rather than escaped from, messy urban life as well as anarchic nature. He was controversial, to say the least, but his influence has been, and continues to be, extraordinary. No one in the last century did more to change the way much of the world now thinks about, makes and consumes art." 

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