“Cat Daddy” Kate Upton and Justin Verlander Split after Engagement Fail: Burger Commercial Boosts Net Worth?

By Shane Jordan on Jan 14, 2015 06:13 PM EST

Word has it that Kate Upton's baseball pitcher boyfriend, Justin Verlander, failed to convince the "Cat Daddy" YouTube dancer to marry him last New Year's Eve. According to the latest gossip news updates, the topless Sport Illustrated Instagram model didn't split with the Detroit Lion; the buxom blonde bombshell simply explained that she was focusing on building her career and net worth during this stage of her life -- not getting engaged or settling down. In addition to modeling and acting, Upton's Hardee's/Carl Jr's burger commercial has been a marketing boom for the fast food company says CEO Andrew Puzder -- netting the restaurant chain 2 billion earned media credits.

Kate Upton's career is so hot right now, all one has to do is place her half-naked frame into one of  commercials to make sure their product is seen by every living person on the planet.

During a recent interview with CKE Restaurants CEO, Andrew Puzder, he explained to Bloomberg hiring Kate Upton virtually turned any commercial into a super-viral success:

"One of the ways you measure -- in this day in age -- how much you ads are being seen by earned media credits.

"Every earned media credit is a set of eyes that sees your ad that you didn't pay for...with an ad that is very popular you might get 100 to 150,00 earned media credits -- maybe 200,000 with a great add.

"We did an ad with Kate Upton that got 2 billion."

With Kate representing that kind of return on investment, is there really any wonder that Upton reportedly turned her boyfriend down, when he tried to tie her down?

According to a source in Star Magazine's latest January 25, issue, Justin Verlander went for the traditional approach to popping the question, but the major leaguer didn't get the happily ever after answer that he wanted (via Gossip Cop):

"[Justin] got down on bended knee on New Year's Eve and was stunned when... [Kate] said thanks but no thanks.

"Kate's well aware of the fact that supermodels almost always make less money the second they get married, so she told him to ask her again in a year."

The tabloid's witness goes on to reveal that Kate is supposedly so focused on her career at the moment that she is telling Justin that any kind of marriage is just going to have to wait -- for year, but the Debby downers at the Gossip Cop insist the whole story is untrue.

Whether Justin Verlander is really pressuring Kate to get married right now or not...the most desirable sex -symbol in the world would be a fool to settle down before she even turns 23-years-old.

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