Argentinian Samba Troupe Ara Yevi Pays Risqué Homage to Pope Francis

By Jaime Prisco on Jan 15, 2015 05:05 PM EST

An Argentinian parade proves that everyone worships in their own special way. In Gualeguaychu, Argentina, a Samba school put on a strange and risqué show in an extremely popular Argentinian carnival. So, who is all the theatrics for? Pope Francis, of course!

Ara Yevi, the troupe from Argentina, combined characters dressed as the pope or angels along with female dancers in barely-any clothing in a tribute to the pope, who was born in Argentina. The troupe’s main song uses the words, "We're the power of a revolution, let's make noise, it's carnival.” This is an homage to Pope Francis’s speech during his 2013 visit to Brazil, where he encourage the nation’s youth to “make noise.”

This sexy samba tribute took place about 140 miles northwest of Buenos Aires and opened Saturday, Jan. 10.
The group comprises 300 members and will perform with two other dance schools during the carnival, which will run through Feb. 28, with more than 400,000 visitors expected to revel in the fun. A section of the group's website is dedicated to the carnival and Pope Francis, saying that he “shocked the world with his simplicity and charisma.”

There are four floats in the carnival that represent different aspects of the pope’s background. The events are his arrival at the Vatican, his passion for soccer, the tango and his earlier work helping the people in shantytowns. One float even includes a huge dove of peace that looms above the pope and the world.

No word yet on the pontiff’s reaction to this exuberant tribute. Whatever it may be, it seems like there is no stopping this group of devoted dancers.

Check out clips from last year's carnival below:

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