Scientologist John Travolta Gay Rumors Return After 'Huffington Post' PHOTO Coverage? [UPDATE]

By Jonathan Lambert on Jan 19, 2015 03:28 PM EST

John Travolta, one of the world's most recognizable Scientologists, has been the subject of numerous gay rumors in the past. Those claims returned last week, after Huffington Post interviewed a young man who John Travolta approached in a gym at 3:00 a.m.

Planet Fitness just got a wave of press that the nationwide gym chain wasn't likely expecting.

The buzz comes courtesy of Justin Jones, who found himself exercising in one of the gym's locations late at night. Jones can't believe what happened next.

According to Justin, Mr. Travolta approached him from out of nowhere and struck up a conversation. Huffington Post interviewed Justin about the strange interaction, and later told readers that the conversation soon drifted to wood working:

"Jones said that Travolta ask him 'a lot of questions' such as what he did for a living, if he was married and what Jones does in his free time. After Jones told Travolta about his wife and two stepdaughters, the two talked about Jones' woodworking projects. Travolta inquired about prices of Jones' outdoor furniture and asked for his card, but Jones didn't have one on him."

Of course, this isn't the first time that Mr. Travolta's actions have sparked a wave of gay rumors.

Although Mr. Travolta has remained largely tight-lipped about the constant barrage of sexuality claims, he did speak about the issue with Daily Beast last year.

When asked about a lawsuit levied against John from a former male pilot (who claimed that he was John's lover), Mr. Travolta responded:

"This is every celebrity's Achilles heel. It's just about people wanting money. That's all. It happens on many levels...Also, I don't care that much about it. Other people may attack it back more than I do, but I let all the media stuff go a long time ago because I can't control it. I think that's why it persists, to some degree."

What do you think about the latest report? Do you think John Travolta is being genuine? If not, why would he lie?

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