Hungarian Pianist Gergely Bogányi Creates "Revolutionary" New Piano with Composite Soundboard, Unveils it in Budapest

By Jaime Prisco on Jan 22, 2015 06:34 PM EST
Bogányi Piano Hungarian pianist Gergely Bogányi create a new piano that he says will revolutionize the piano world. (Photo : Press Photo)

A new piano has been introduced by Hungarian pianist Gergely Bogányi that he believes will revolutionize the world of piano playing. The Bogányi piano, named for the man himself, offers the cryptic promise of “Sound Beyond Time,” and was unveiled on Tuesday in Budapest.

When first looking at the Bogányi, it’s hard to tell if it is an instrument of a piece of modern art work. However, this interesting design was not done purely for a funky futuristic aesthetic. Bogányi spoke to The Guardian and explained that form follows function in his new piano. Details of the piano, such as the piano’s legs being sculpted better, help to project sound into the auditorium.

“The focus of the revolutionary Bogányi piano is on the clearest, boldest, premium quality sound possible. For this we have created a unique composite soundboard, within a traditional, yet modified iron and wood piano frame. This new soundboard is weather resistant,” says the Bogányi website.

This makes the instrument less susceptible to things that normally affect piano's such as humidity and temperature. Bogányi says that with the carbon fiber material, the sound is both more organic and powerful.

"It is said that old pianos sound friendly, velvety, while new ones are stronger and more powerful. I was hoping for both,” Bogányi said to Reuters.

Nearly all 18,000 components were rethought. The two wide, curved legs double as sound deflectors. Thanks to an intricate mechanism, the strings apply minimal pressure on the sound board, made of over 20 carbon composite layers. The cast-iron frame boasts an all-new design.

Currently, Bogányi doesn’t have a price frame for his new piano but it’s safe to say that it probably won't come cheap. Check out the video below to get a better look at the new instrument.

Bogányi Grand Piano from Nebula Studios on Vimeo.

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