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By Logan K. Young on May 23, 2013 12:49 AM EDT

January 1, 2005

Josh Ronsen
Attn: The Pierre Boulez Project
P.O. Box 7896
Austin, Texas 78713

Mr. Ronsen:

Like most people of taste, I consider Pierre Boulez to be one of the greatest, most complete musicians of the modern era, as well as a seminal figure in my own musical development.

Surely, I needn't offer any enumerated list of his achievements, successes or the like to validate this statement; the very fact that you're so judiciously dedicating your obvious plentitude of time and, err, talent to such a quasi-creative, tritely Dadaistic and, well, asinine endeavor as "The Pierre Boulez Project" is surely sufficient proof.

And despite my initial gut resignation (yeah, bro, I tend to abstain from the gross degradation a musical demigod--my bad), I fully intend upon contributing to your cute little campaign here.

May it be known, however, that in absolutely no capacity does my contribution endorse even the most modest of your sentiments, much less any of those other self-righteous, never-made-a-statement-I-would-later-regret contributors'.

Furthermore, it is most certainly not a manifestation of contempt or any such personal judgment against the venerable Maître--an act so brazen in its implication, so insolent in its implementation, I can't begin to attempt to fathom the magnitude of malice, the bounty of bravado required to induce it.

Thus, in submitting my original 1970 Deutsche Grammophon release Boulez Conducts Parsifal (435718)--one of my least precious items of Boulez paraphernalia not because of any technical defect or dearth of brilliance...only because I own dupe copies--to your grossly irreverent and borderline sacrilegious crusade, it is indeed not my intention to join in some stoopid crucifixion of Pierre Boulez.

Wagner, neither.

In the midst of the severe rancor that is this tasteless undertaking, I'd much rather use your own ignorance and opportunism against you to invoke the celebration of two half-Deities.

Hence, I come not to bury Pierre nor poor Richard, but instead, to praise the Caesars, Themselves!

Destructfully yours,
Logan Kirkpatrick Young

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