[UPDATE] Seoul Music Awards Releases Apology Statement After Taeyeon of K-Pop's Girls' Generation Falls Through Stage

By Jaime Prisco on Jan 27, 2015 02:14 PM EST

An apology statement has been released by the Seoul Music Awards after news that Taeyeon of popular K-pop group Girls’ Generation fell through a hole in the stage while performing at the ceremony.

"As they were leaving the stage, the lift on the stage floor was suddenly moved. There was miscommunication between the stage team staff and the lift was pulled down by about 1 meter on a stage that was 1.8 meters high. Taeyeon then slipped and fell into the hole. After seeing this, the Taetiseo members and their backup dancers pulled Taeyeon back up on stage. The stage production team explained, 'The event was getting delayed, so in the process of hurrying things along, a mistake was made,’" the statement said.

Taetiseo, the official subgroup of Girls’ Generation created by the hit makers at SM Entertainment, was performing at the 24th Seoul Music Awards when the incident happened. While exiting the stage, group member Seohyun stumbled on the stage and, mere seconds later, Taeyeon fell through a large hole on the stage. Audience members were panicking after a group of backup dancers ran to go help Taeyeon, but both group members are doing OK with Seohyun suffering from a sprained ankle while Taeyeon has a pulled muscle.

The Seoul Music Awards contacted SM Entertainment and offered an apology, as well as offering to help support in any recovery efforts, but since the injuries were not serious, SM thanked them for reaching out and left it at that.

"The organization committee of the Seoul Music Awards worked extensively for safety and safety education, including multiple rehearsals. However, an unexpected accident happened, and we want to sincerely apologize once again to Taeyeon, her members, her agency and fans for causing worry," the statement said.

This comes at a busy time for Girls’ Generation, with member Yuri recently announcing at a press conference that the group was working on a new album.

"Girls' Generation is slowly preparing an album. We are working hard to show a more mature image within the year. Please look forward to it," Yuri said.

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