Diana Krall and David Foster Stream Upcoming LP 'Wallflower,' Available Feb. 3

By Ian Holubiak on Jan 27, 2015 07:54 PM EST
Diana Krall and David Foster Stream Upcoming LP 'Wallflower,' Available Feb. 3 Diana Krall performs during the 2014 Festival International de Jazz de Montreal on June 29, 2014 in Montreal, Canada. (Photo : Roberta Parkin/Getty Images)

Diana Krall is notorious for her almost-androgynous croon that spills into her songs and interpretations. Coming out Feb. 3, Krall and producer David Foster preserve a certain "soft-rock spirit" but also do much to echo the past without forcing it into the present on Krall's forthcoming LP, Wallflower.

Available for stream on NPR, there's a sincere portrayal of an artist with force billowing behind her voice and biting lyrics. Wallflower, is a collection of the classic strings-to-synths technique employed by Foster, which encapsulate a depth provided by Krall.

While paying homage to their original voices, Krall isn't trying to rebrand the songs as selfish attempts at laying claim. Instead, she captures the essence of these tracks delicately and even contends their owners. If you aren't an Eagles fan, for example, then you might appreciate the subtle changes Krall thrives on.

Or, as Ann Powers puts it, "This isn't Yacht Rock, nor does Krall drag the material jarringly into the present, the way others have who've revisited it, like Chromeo and Sonic Youth. Wallflower is clearly a memory exercise for Krall; a loving look back at some of the music that shaped her. That reflective mood helps make it more than just a glide over well-traveled ground."

She concludes: "Krall has 8-year-old twins; perhaps if they pursue music, they'll one day cast a similar glance back at songs by today's powder-blue troubadours, like Adele or Sam Smith. They can thank their mom for showing them how it's done."

So for now, stream the album for free from NPR and wait for the disc to drop Feb. 3.

Also, check out "Claifornia Dreamin" from the album below.

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